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Astrology in Business 101

Did you know that your business has its own birthday? Your business’ birthday is just as important as your own when it comes to astrology.

Planetary placements impact the happenings associated with the creation (birth) of humans, unions (business partnerships, marriages, treaties, etc.), anniversaries or commemorations and other important events, each event becoming its own entity, each entity having its own chart.

Once you give life to a business or brand, we consider it an entity - much like your local government may refer to your business as an entity once it is registered.

Why is astrology in business important?

Incorporating intuitive astrology into your brand strategy can offer insight into every aspect of your company. Knowing how to operate in season and becoming familiar with the energy that your business entity carries can help you make the informed business decisions. A look into your brand’s Venus energy can guide you in making the best choices about visual presentation, like color palettes, logo design, office atmosphere, and employee attire to name a few. Insight from your astrological profile will help you anticipate when you will be abundant, and when a conservative approach maybe to your advantage in your endeavors. Astrology can help you prepare for upgrades to property, developing a proper communication approach, hiring well-suited personnel, and so much more, giving your business months and even years of vital information so you are protected and prepared.

You know your business better than anyone else. You may have a wealth of resources that guide you in the standard and mundane processes of creating and developing an operational business (if not...let us Google that for you). You may even be seasoned enough to embrace the basics of setting yourself up for attracting success, and adopting the disciplined, yet ambitious lifestyle of a serious entrepreneur or leader within your organization.

With your personal drive, experience, expertise, and access to scores of information at your fingertips on the Internet and social spaces, what is it that could give you that extra, individualized clarity on your brand’s journey through the marketplace?

Operating with consideration for your business’ unique astrological profile increases your potential to maximize your intrinsic and extrinsic success, and aids in attracting the best case scenarios.

We’ve seen a few variations of the following JP Morgan quote. Regardless of what was said verbatim, the sentiment remains the same...there is a relationship between fortune and astrology.

“Anyone can become a millionaire, but to become a billionaire you need an astrologer.”