Image + Alchemy

Our foundation is alchemy and astrology. We use universal law, mathematics and
astrological forecasting to lead businesses to success. We offer astrology-based branding
packages including logo and promotional material design, marketing campaigns, website
creation and maintenance.


Analysts . Alchemists . Achievers

Moonshine will align your business endeavors with your astrological profile. Our goal is to increase your prosperity through online interaction.  We work  to turn leads into clients by proper brand positioning.



Just like you, we want prosperity for you and your business.  These are the goals we strive toward with every calculated interaction with your business:

The business is in alignment with its profile.

An astrological profile will be created for your business to guide design decisions and strategy.

Your brand’s  public image is profitable and marketable.  

The key decisions about how to position your brand are made using Moonshine’s signature alchemical techniques.

Your brand is client-friendly.

We will provide a user experience evaluation through our testing team.


Sun + Moon + Stars + Strategy

Your business has a birthday just like you!  We will analyze your business' astrological and numerological natal charts to create a profile that will help guide your brand positioning strategy.

Astrology Map
Vertical Colored Pencils


Smart + Pretty

Moonshine takes the art and science of logo design to another level with astrology. We use techniques that ensure your logo, color palette, fonts, and other branding materials will reflect the exact angles, colors, words, numbers, and shapes that are favorable for your business success.

We realize that your brand is more than just a nice drawing and business cards.  Look forward to clean, beautiful designs that will represent your business.


Online + Relevant

Having a healthy online presence for your business is almost synonymous with having a business at all. 

Simply put, we'll make sure you have an attractive, easy-to-use site ready to welcome your clients.

We use ancient, timeless, mathematical methods (including intuition), as well as modern web analytics to determine the best times and days for your business to use social media, and what to share with the world.

Electronic Devices on Table


How You See It + How They See It

The confidence in your business is connected to the confidence you have within yourself.  How you present yourself in the public space can impact your business' success.  Allow Moonshine to help you navigate public appearances, difficult client communications, and even your wardrobe!

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